To submit an application for disaster assistance, please download, complete, and return this form to

A Special Note to Families About Our Process:

Build For LIFE was started in 2007 following Hurricane Katrina to do two things:

1. to help rebuild the homes of disaster victims struggling with cancer

2. to empower cancer survivors, their friends, and families to volunteer on these time-sensitive and life-affirming rebuilding projects.

Since 2007, we have expanded our mission to include disaster survivors struggling with other life-threatening diseases such as Leukemia and HIV/AIDs. We have also expanded our outreach to these survivor communities by empowering them to volunteering their time, money, and passion to help those afflicted with similar diseases, who are also struggling to rebuild following major disasters.

Build for LIFE empowers survivors of life-threatening illness, their friends, and families to volunteer and support the rebuilding of homes of people afflicted with similar diseases. Build For LIFE is truly doing something very special and powerful that is changing the way the disaster relief community operates.

Build For LIFE works closely with local partners, hospitals, and disaster relief case managers to assess the needs of the families we hope to assist. Once we qualify the potential recipients, we evaluate their needs on an individual basis and consider our resources and ability to provide a successful Build For LIFE experience.

If you know of someone who may meet our criteria and is in need of assistance, please contact us here. With your support, and with the help of the community, we hope to make an even greater impact on families battling life-threatening illnesses and struggling to rebuild from disaster in the years to come.

Build for LIFE operates as a divison of New York Says Thank You Foundation, a nationally recognized 501c3 disaster relief organization that was started by the suggestion of a 5-year-old child in 2003, and has grown into the country’s largest volunteer organization on the 9/11 Anniversary.